Since 2002, Ben DeBow, has traveled the world consulting on high risk, highly transactional and complex database implementations.

Having designed many of the initial, large private clouds for financial and insurance institutions, he discovered the need for a database solution that could provide answers to questions for both the senior management but also the DBAs in the trench supporting the platform. Most tools available at the time were built for technical teams, namely the DBAs and did not provide the necessary insights for executive and non-technical teams and often had limits on supporting large environments over 500 instances. Over time, different tools have emerged in the marketplace, but as the data and technology continued to grow, organizations still struggled to solve their problems in a timely and efficient manner even with all the additional tools and data.


In February 2020 , Fortified Wisdom™ was created to fill the gap by focusing on providing KPIs to measure and answers to solve the issues. Fortified Data began using the tool to provide troubleshooting capabilities and workload analytics to their managed services clients which allowed Fortified Data to showcase impact of the service.


In the fall of 2022, WISdom was launched at the SQL Pass conference to provide organizations with a comprehensive database monitoring, management and workload analytics service that empowers all teams to determine the actions that need to be implemented today which will make the biggest difference tomorrow.


At Fortified Insight, we believe that effective leadership is the cornerstone of success in the ever-evolving landscape of business, technology, and innovation. Our leadership team is comprised of exceptional individuals who bring together a wealth of experience, diverse perspectives, and a shared passion for driving transformative change. With their visionary guidance, Fortified’s leadership has not only propelled Fortified Insight to new heights of success but provided the Fortified team with the direction essential to our continued success.


Together, this exceptional leadership team forms the backbone of Fortified Insight, inspiring our employees, guiding our strategy, and propelling our success. With their combined expertise and unwavering dedication, Fortified Insight is poised to revolutionize the business landscape and empower organizations to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Ben DeBow
Founder and CEO

With a remarkable track record as a visionary leader and technologist, Ben DeBow spearheads Fortified Insight as our CEO. With an extensive background in data, technology, strategy, and business development, Ben brings a unique blend of expertise to his role as CEO, propelling Fortified Insight into new heights of success. As the founder of Fortified, which includes Fortified Data and Fortified Insight, Ben has a deep understanding of emerging technologies which enables him to guide organizations through disruptive transformations and capitalize on new opportunities. With Ben DeBow’s leadership, Fortified Insight is focused on enabling companies to manage, analyze and optimize every organization technology offering while delivering increased business value through workload analytics and other unique technology innovations.

Beyond being a strategic leader, Ben is a recognized thought leader, speaker, and writer in the tech industry. His best selling book ‘End of Abundance in Tech: How IT Leaders Can Find Efficiencies to Drive Business Value’ and regular column in Forbes are sharing his expertise and perspectives on technology and business strategies. He also hosts the podcast ‘Tech(e)valuation‘, where he speaks with fellow tech leaders about innovations, current trends and disruptive technologies.

Chad Timms

Through his wealth of global organizational skills in data management and business development, Chad Timms, as the COO of Fortified Insight, spearheads the long-term strategy for business growth while efficiently managing strategic operations. Prior to joining the Fortified team, Chad held the position of Portfolio Director at SITA, a prominent IT company in the aviation industry. His leadership played a pivotal role in driving innovation and delivering high quality solutions to clients. With his exceptional operational intellect and strategic mindset, Chad Timms plays a crucial role in guiding Fortified Insight’s operations towards success.

Mark Abrahm

With a focus on solidifying the Fortified brand, Mark Abrahm leads the Fortified Insight team as our CFO. Responsible for ensuring the company’s financial strength aligns with the rapidly expanding needs of its valued clients, Mark plays a vital role in driving the company’s success. Mark has amassed over 30 years of corporate finance and capital markets experience. Through his vast experience and commitment to excellence, Mark enables the Fortified team to deliver exceptional services and solutions to its esteemed clientele.

Adi Cohen
Solution Architect

Serving as a solution architect on the Fortified Insight team, Adi Cohen plays an integral role in shaping our technological vision and driving transformative solutions. Having designed and developed large environment management systems, Adi brings a wealth of experience to Fortified Insight. Adi has acquired various certifications including Azure Data Engineer Associate and Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server. His areas of expertise include cloud computing, data management, automation, and emerging technologies. With his in-depth knowledge and strategic mindset, he designs and implements cutting-edge solutions that address the unique challenges faced by Fortified’s clients. His leadership has enabled Fortified Insight to become the leading company in delivery of groundbreaking technology solutions that empower organizations to thrive in the digital age.

Holt Hopkins
Solution Architect

Bringing to Fortified his dept of experience designing, building, and supporting large SaaS enterprise platforms, Holt Hopkins is helping drive Fortified’s vision of being the premier platform for innovative workload analytics solutions. In his previous role as Chief Architect of one of the world’s largest global hotel reservation systems, Holt played a pivotal role in its growth to be market leader. His software architecture expertise covers all major cloud computing platforms, numerous database technologies, application architectures, and messaging systems. With a focus on quality, reliability, and rapid delivery, Holt is dedicated to helping the Fortified organization grow its product offerings and be the next innovative market leader.